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Bragnam in Abacus

What is the function of Bragnam in abacus?

The meaning of the word Bragnam is Brain and that is exactly what it will do. The essence of Bragnam lies in its mental development program especially designed for the children. The program starts with introduction of abacus and the child is taught to perform mental calculations. The progress leads to calculations without the use of physical abacus.

The Bragnam abacus training enhances the ability of the child to perform mathematical calculations without any external aid such as calculator or the abacus itself. The techniques provided by us also enhance the speed and accuracy of the results. The power of mental calculations is increased to optimal levels that a child surpasses the speed of calculator.

Bragnam modules are prepared with utmost diligence and are designed to empower children. A student equipped with our course will reap the following benefits:

Greater Accuracy
Enhanced memory
Logical thinking
Better reasoning power
Greater concentration
Better reflexes
Improved reading writing and learning skills
Improved analytical, Creative & imaginative skills

Is learning abacus an extra burden on children?

No….. There won’t be any extra burden on the child. Moreover, with the help of Bragnam techniques not only the brain of the child will get developed but regular studies will also become much faster.

Bragnam stresses on the full development of brain and its training is combined with play way methods where learning process becomes easier. Bragnam provides child centered atmosphere and children like to visit more often.