BRAGNAM Learning is the Answer

Our Unique Approach to Abacus Teaching Can Help Your Child Succeed

Today,  BRAGNAM offers an immersive experience to its students; the clicking and sliding of the beads add auditory and visual stimuli to the already intimate tactile experience. Our expert abacus teacher, has been teaching this tradition to an ever-growing number of students interested in improving their arithmetic skills.Need of the hour is to make perfect teachers so as to get the final outcome ready in the form of supergenius kids.

We teach people how to live without modern calculators and make quick mental calculations without them, we try to push students to reach their full potential.Usually we have seen in the society that everyone will be having a handy calculator in his hand and will be calculating so simple calculations of grocery bills or some payments.We never react to such situations as it becomes a day to day phenomenon.Here it should be a matter of concern as this is not something for what we have been studying for years.

Think deepely isn't it a big question as in terms why we are dependent on such devices to such a great extend that we require these gadgets for our day to day usage and making our Brain weak.Anyways still if no harm is being felt while using these gadgets,should a student be allowed to use these devices in studies.Will these students be allowed to take these gadgets to examination Halls.Of course a answer comes in a single voice from all,a big "NO".So here we help your child in developing his mind in such a great way that not only these simple calculations but even deep rooted complex calculations can be solved by students in no time.Bragnam learning is the perfect answer when it comes to teaching arithmetic skills.We although teach Abacus the same way as it is usually taught but doing good R&D on the subject and deriving some new methodologies of teaching the subject.