We offer Abacus Teacher Training Course in India

When we plan to start a Abacus center on our own or we start a franchise of a Abacus company,the foremost thing that is required is the training of teachers for all levels.Abacus is a wonderful course but many times it is seen that people start a center without having much knowledge of the progamme.Teacher is to be trained properly in terms of content,curriculum and the mode of teaching.Sometimes we have the content and curriculum of Abacus but trainers are not well trained of how to create interest of students while learning.Here at Bragnam we train our trainers for how to handle students and particularly many a times when these students are of different age groups but sitting in the same classroom.Also in out train the trainer programmes we help them in realising different challenges that comes for different strata of society.

Training is the most essential part before kickstarting the project and training is to be done thorouhly is streamlined manner.Apart from having a defined curriculum and good  content that helps in smooth learning of Abacus,we also provide certain other tips to help making better unserstanding of Abacus and makning learning a fun.We have a team of trainers who move to different locations to provide training to trainers of different branches of Bragnam Abacus Academies.We are doing continous R&D to make the processes better and learning easier.Trainers of our Franchises also takes help of our 24*7 helplines so as to deliver the right training required.