Advanced Abacus Techniques - ARITHMETIC

Abacus is a tool used very often than any other device for calculations in world till today(here we refer to any manual tool).Although today people are very dependant on calculators but here we are referring to non electronic devices. Abacus seems to be a very simple tool as in very first glance but actually it has wide variety of operations and of course is very much adoptive to the changing needs of the calculations of this world.In itself research work is always on to find out what all can be calculated with this simple device. Talking of today we can calculate almost every arithmetic calculations with help of this device.

It can perform very advanced arithmetic calculations in few seconds and comparatively too much faster then electronic calculators of today , which a average human will take more time to perform even talking of electronic devices. Phenomenal success have been achieved from ancient times till today by this instrument, satisfying the changing calculation needs of the world.

After having command on advanced abacus techniques, any student is able to calculate advanced mathematical calculations in matter of seconds.It is a advantage for a student of abacus that he makes calculations much faster than calculator itself as he wont be able to keep calculator with him in examination hall but calculative abacus in his mind deriving solutions easily for him.