About Us

Bragnam is a young and research oriented educational company which has pioneered in the whole new system of mental mathematics. Bragnam strives to create a new set of generation which is more creative, logical and has enhanced memory power.

Our basic motive is to introduce Abacus and Vedic Mathematics in all the children between age group 6-14 and converting them into prodigies. We strive to create an environment, where children are able to learn using play way method.

There is genius in every child; with this belief we try to unleash the hidden potential among the children at right time and at the right age. We at BRAGNAM start working with children at tender age, so that they are able to sustain the changing environment with confidence. 

We believe in “Catching them young” philosophy. 

Steered by a leadership with vision, Bragnam has set new benchmarks for the industry and is increasingly becoming popular across India.

Bragnam comes with a wonder package when it develops and enhances;

  • Memory power amongst children using Bragnam techniques
  • Creative and logical thinking
  • Accuracy –up to the optimal levels
  • Power of Reasoning

Our vision is not only to find but also to transform ordinary students into geniuses.