Bragnam learning a premier education solution provider made a education awareness drive in chandigarh and surrounding cities.Company representatives moved on to adjoining regions of chandigarh like nayagaon,dhanas,dhakoli,landran and educated people about various modes of education. Bragnam team gave detailed presentation to people about abacus and how children can improve his mental abilities by learning this methodology. Bragnam team also educated people regarding online delivery of education. People were very curious and enthusiastic to see this altogether new system of education. Bragnam team showed them live demonstrations of online delivery of courses like MBA,BBA and many more.

People were surprised to see students solving Mathematical problems in fraction of seconds what any sound minded adult will be solving in more time. Bragnam focuses on teaching these skills to major number of students.People were astonished to see genius minds making mathematics a kids play.

Demo of Vedic mathematics were also given to people and they were astonished to see all these results.Bragnam have been focusing on providing skills trainings to students and so were people guided over there of all these skills.