Bragnam learning have tied up with Centum Learning for Delivery of Skill Development Programmes. Centum Learning is a associate of Bharti Enterprises and is a premier partner of NSDC to provide skill development programmes in India.Bragnam is working in the same arena having a vision of bridging the employability gap by promoting skill development courses. A very major reason for employability gap is lack of skills in youth of any nation. The mandate for this tie up is to train 10 lakh youth in 9 states and 194 districts.There is a shortage of 6 million technical people in northern regions of India itself thus providing ample opportunities to skilled manpower. 

Making Positive Transformations in skills Trainings Bragnam is trying to enhance Employability gap and provides a platform to built up career in various arenas. Sustainable Transformation around the world can only be done by skilling youth in sectors having huge potentials to absorb candidates in big numbers.

Bragnam is planning to start its skill development centres at around 300 plus locations so as to effectively cater to requirements of students.