Bragnam is Training Provider for Skill Development

Scenario of today in Education is that regular Degrees are almost of no use apart from that it somwhow it adds some value to your formal Education.Jobs cannot be secured for people who have completed regular formal education programmes.In consideration to this Government of India is working remarkably well by pushing youth to go for skill development progammes which will not only add value to education but will also help the youth in securing jobs.By providing these skill development programmes Goverment is trying to fill that skill gap and providing a wonderful opportunity to youth of India for getting employment.

Bragnam learning has joined the drive and registered itself as Training provider and is trying to assist in Nation building steps and filling the required gap.Bragnam learning is Targeting to open 60 Training centers in first phase of the project.Bragnam will try to start the skill drive by registering with atleast ten sector skill councils and will try to identify the need of Nation in sense of which skill is the most needed in India.Earlier also Bragnam have done remarkable job in skilling in association with few other organisations and in consideration of the same in this phase Bragnam learning decided to make it on its own.Already few locations have been identified where Bragnam will be starting these learning centers.Bragnam have done a survey amongst residents of Big cities,small towns and Villages of India so as to identify which skill is mostly needed and what are the job opportunities available.

Bragnam team ensured that they will be taking utmost care of quality of Education delivered in all the Training centers by making a quality check mechanism and also will ensure regularisation of the system.For all this Bragnam have already appointed a team of professionals and people who are already having experience in skilling and Training.