Bragnam is accredited with Beauty and Wellness Sector Skill Council

The Wellness Industry in India is growing very fast and at present and poised to touch 6,00,000 Crore or say 6 Trillion by 2018.At present there is a shortage of 10,00,00 Skilled people in this Industry and demand is incresing day by day.A Major problem is Infrastructure availabilty so as these much people can be trained so as to make them employable.As on date Wellness and Beauty Industry is very unorganised and efforts are done by Beauty and Wellness sector skill council to bridge the gap.Beauty and Wellness Sector skill council is aimed to establish an effective ecosystem for development and Training in skill Industry.

Bragnam have moved forward in the very same vision to empower Beauty and Wellness Industry and joined hands with Beauty and Wellness Sector skill council by getting accredited on 3rd May'2017.Bragnam Learning have started with Beauty Therapist job role as it was identified after R&D and some surveys done by the internal team that there is a huge potential in this job role of Beauty and wellness Sector Skill council.Bragnam is making internal surveys to identify the need so as to manage skill gap in a very efficient way.