With free time at a minimum for parents, and technology keeping kids glued to screens, getting children to exercise is a challenge that we all face across the Globe. Problem is how can we get kids to put their gaming controller down, and pick their running shoes up?

Stats coming from all across the country strongly suggest a lack of activity in children’s lives. While active students are reportedly 20% more likely to earn an A in English or Math, only 5% of 5 to 17 year olds are meeting their daily exercise recommendations. Additionally, 60% of kids between 5-17 don’t get the recommended amount of activity even just three days a week.Even Social life interaction and Ettiquetes are very rare in kids these days.Ultimately solution comes with some good concept pre schools,who make kids actively engaged in day to day activities.Another need is to engage kids with nature activities and bring them out of these concrete jungles,ultimately parents are not able to spare time for kids as per the schedules of today and need of the hour is to push these kids to safe hands so as to make them learn what they will never be able to do with this increased usage of gadgets and continous engagement with idiot box.

Somewhow parents are not able to devote time for parenting and it is always better to push these kids to some wonderful pre schools or day cares in place of keeping them in control of some nanny who will try to reduce her burden by making the kid spend time with these gadgets.These kids who spent the whole day at home are often seen very introvert and not even able to say Hello to a Visitor.

Best Part of life is nature and our surroundings and we need to bring these kids face to face with this.