Franchise Pre School or Owned Pre school

Preschool education is the most important phase of learning of a child as it serves as the Foundation for the children. In India, play schools,play-way,preschools or Kindergarten, whatever we can call it have become equally important as the formal education schools are. Moreover, parents today look for concept learning play schools for their tiny tots, where they can get a home like environment. For this reason, the concept of play school franchise is fast gaining importance in the field of preschool education.
Requirements to set up a play school in India:
When we think of starting a play school, few basic requirements are taken into consideration.
• Area Requirement: The area of land required to set up a play school is approximately 1,000-1,500 sq. ft.
• Investment required: The investment needed to start a play school is nearly about INR 5-10 lakhs, including the set up. The amount of interior branch set-up is around INR 5 lakhs.

• Do some Homework: Before finalising, one is advised to conduct a market analysis and for it, you need to have assistance from a professional having expertise, who can render a expert advice and guide you through set up and smooth running of Business.Here comes role of a company who is providing adequate support for smooth and successful operations of a school.

The preschool franchise options are many you just need to identify one that fulfills your requirement. If you opt for a perfect combination it will help you secure a good position in market thus making you the best play school of the region and that you can reap the benefits in coming years.
Why a Play school Franchise:
It is always a wise decision to go for a play school franchise than to go for a new play school. Franchise School will always give you numerous benefits of association as a preschool franchise. Few are listed ahead:
• Guidance in Initial Investment- The money required by the prospective franchisee will be less if perfect guidance is seeked from a franchisor. Franchise companies already having set-ups of schools in various regions also have in depth knowledge of cost cuttings and essentials and of course promotional and administrative expenses will be reduced.
• Lower Financial Risk- As In comparison to other business ventures, preschool franchisee have less financial risk having an accepted code of conduct. The franchisee school have the benefit of a tried and tested model.
• Noble Profession- Apart from the abovementioned benefits, owing a play school is surely a noble profession and it gives a sense of satisfaction by imparting education and serving the society. In addition to this, one gets a lot of respect in society as well.
• Support of Franchisor- The preschool franchisor helps its franchisee from selecting the property to successful operations of the preschool.
• Strategic Advantages- Franchise play school gets support in terms of trainings and technical expertise which will give a wonderful head start to the franchisee’s operations.
• Curriculum Support- There is a pre designed and tested curriculum available with franchisor what helps the franchisee school in reducing the burden on teachers.
• Profits for sure in the long run- Education sector is a booming business that guarantees healthy return on investments.