Innovative Preschool for Kids

Innovative world class curriculum, follows the traditional montessori method where we encourage students to learn, grow and conquer at their own pace.

Bragnam Pre schools are offering techniques of teaching that involves Montessori methods of learning,brain development techniques ,memory enhancement learning & personality development methods. Aggressive research in development of kids have been done to understand learning processes and behavior of kids,adaptation in society, mental development process and their behavior pattern.

Bragnam learning maintains such an enviroment in its pre schools that kids treat it as a second home feeling same comfort , interaction and care as at their homes.Usually kids are brought up at their homes without any siblings as preference of nuclear families and choice of single child resulting in less interaction within same age groups. In Bragnam pre schools activities and interactions helps the kids become confident and enhancing personality development making them future ready. Patterns, curriculum s and activities in our schools are as such designed so as to instill leadership qualities in them and making them more stronger in all fields. These learning patterns are result of extensive research and development ,not merely copy of patterns as usually schools are doing.Patterns are exclusive but this have also been kept in mind that curriculum necessary for the development of child is to be followed.

Activities in Bragnam Learning are based on some unique patterns which helps in identifying potential of the kid as every kid have a unique personality of his own. We focus on developmental needs of of a kid not merely stressing on carbon copy patterns , identifying traits of the kid.Our curriculum is always in the process of continuous development, improving the quality with new activities introduced every now and then, new stories and rhymes to teach phonics(that is a mode of teaching -writing & reading).Lot of time is devoted by our research team so as learning system is updated and always better than ourselves .Curriculum focuses on all aspects of learning behavior , writing practices,verbal skills,confidence building, understanding patterns, recognition and much more.Having a healthy network of schools our research team is always on wheels so as to understand needs and behavior of kids topographically also.Our team is devoted for making learning a better experience as a whole.