Advantages & Benefits OF BRAGNAM Play Schools

What are the advantages of preschool?
In Preschools, many groups and classrooms have more than one teacher and a director is heading the entire operation of the school. Due to regulations and formal systems, child benefits from this formality, too.

Parents are provided clear cut regulations that are to be followed (Defined pickup and drop-off times as for an example), payments are in instalments and the opportunities to meet other parents, who may be able to lend support and babysitting time.

Bragnam programs features wide variety of fun activities like singing, dancing, arts and crafts, storytelling, free play, and both indoor and outdoor games and projects that are designed to teach children different skills . Children also learn basics such as counting and the alphabet.

Plus, Bragnam preschool teachers have training about early childhood education, so they know what to expect from your child and are able to help him or her along accordingly.

Children in Bragnam preschools also have the opportunity to socialize with other kids of their age, an appealing advantage for parents who used a nanny or relative care when their children were younger in earlier times.

"Our pre school has turned out to be the best equation for our 2 1/2-year-old daughter," says Nirmala Shah,one of the parent . "She now has a core group of friends who will move with her to a new classroom each year."

A final advantage — Especially when compared with nanny care, home daycare, and relative care it is always beneficial to admit your child in a pre school because he will also learn from activities rather then just spending a day somewhere. Your child may miss her favorite teacher, but when there is a replacement of her favourite teacher with other one trained to handle kids smile is retained on face of kids .

Benefits of Bragnam Play Schools
Kids are of very tender age when they start attending school. They need to be dealt with much love and care when compared to other children of higher age groups. Every child have different traits and they have to be taken care differently for what we train our teachers so to handle them effectively. Here at Bragnam Play schools they are provided personal attention and interaction with their parents is done at regular intervals which is very crucial for development of child. Kids at Bragnam play schools are made extremely comfortable in new environment of play school which needs a lot of patience of teacher taking care of them.For the same we take care of lot many things while recruiting staff. There are many reasons why Bragnam playschool should be preferred to other play schools. Here are a few to mention.

The student to teacher ratio in Bragnam playschools is usually less when compared to other play schools. This means a kid in Bragnam playschool gets more attention and care. This is one of the most important benefit of Bragnam playschool.

As kids are new to school their timings of taking rest change a lot. They now have to wake up early and have to be awake for long hours unlike as when they were staying at home. So, Bragnam playschools make a provision for their sleep also. At Bragnam play schools we have mattresses laid in a room to facilitate their resting period.

Lot of care is to be taken regarding the safety of these toddlers. In Bragnam play schools they are well protected from sharp objects and other heavy loads avoiding any unwanted happenings. All the things designed for Bragnam preschools are provisioned keeping safety of child in mind.

Teaching toddlers is very different from teaching other children of higher classes or grades. At Bragnam play schools teachers are more focused on child development and have lots of patience(We take due care in shortlisting teachers). Faculty in Bragnam playschools is specially trained for dealing with children of this age group. They try to understand the mindset of kids and explain things in a friendly manner so as to make child love to stay in school itself. This is one of the main benefit of Bragnam playschools.

Education in Bragnam playschools is much more fun and interactive than in any other pre schools. Bragnam playschools have specially crafted curriculum which promotes teaching along with fun activities. Knowing things is made more fun and creative and for the same Bragnam team have done lot of R&D. Rhymes CDs are played ,learning tutorials are shown and there are many learning toys like blocks, clay making, and puzzles available for children which make learning entertaining and a visual treat for them.

Infrastructure in Bragnam playschools is made colorful and attractive, making learning rooms alive. Pictures of superhero characters, birds and animals are painted on walls of the school building as well as class rooms. The furniture used in Bragnam playschools is very ergonomic and specially designed for toddlers. These things at Bragnam play schools are eye-catching for kids. Outdoor playing items like slide, see-saw, swimming pool etc., are made available for children of this age group. Kids enjoy playing in these under the supervision of assistants. This is also an advantage of Bragnam playschools.

In Bragnam playschools, birthdays of children are celebrated by singing songs and cutting cake together which brings them closer and they start making friends at very tender ages. Many festivals are celebrated together at Bragnam play schools and also children are made to understand the significance of important days like Halloween, Diwali, teachers’ day, independence day etc.

As the children are very small, Bragnam playschools take care of potty training and cultivating good eating habits for the kid so as to make this a routine practice for kids. This is generally not done in most of other play schools. This is yet another advantage of Bragnam playschools over other play schools.