Learn with trained teachers

We have the Trained teachers who educate with a sole aim to provide all what it takes for a better future of your kids.To ensure quality of teachers at our schools we undergo a very rigorous process of selection in which we try to understand personality and behaviour of teacher in a whole.We have a process of analysing capabilities and behaviours of people whom we recruit so as to ascertain that they will be able to handle toddlers in a very efficient way.While recruiting a teacher or any other member of the team,we take into consideration lot many criterions as these staff will be dealing with kids of very tender age coming from different strata of society and having very different behaviours.A teacher needs to be very intelligent so as to have a understanding of what all is to be taught.She needs to be qualified enough so as to lay a strong foundation of the kids

Teachers are expected to be very polite and having a pleasing personality.Every student have a very different pattern of understanding and acceptance therefore teacher needs to be very humble and patient while teaching these kids.After undergoing a rigorous process of recruitment then we conduct TOT(Train the Trainer) programme by our Trainers so that every gap is filled and teachers are shared ideas of induction and learning.Every Child is unique and learns in a different way and to become a good educator you need to absorb how a student will learn,taking differential approach of teaching and focusing on needs and Psychology of every student.

We conduct workshops of our teachers on regular basis sharing with them research based strategies combined with advanced methodogies which is need of today.We have to drop conventional methods of teaching and focus more on realistic approach towards learning having a universal approach.Gone are those days when career was in studies itself,nowadays we need to identify potential of a kid at early stages and provide him the same platform so to make him more confident for tomorrow.Our Teachers are groomed for grooming the kids the same way as is need of the society today.